January 2017 Chatter: Sinoquipe Scout Reservation

Sinoquipe Scout Reservation

Calling all boys age 15 and higher, Sinoquipe Mountain Man Winter Camp is filling up fast, get your spot today for a winter camp to remember! Find out more.

Greetings from Sinoquipe

As the Christmas season comes and goes, it is time to stop long enough to reflect on all our blessings. I try to remember to give thanks daily, I often find myself “too busy” to dedicate time to thank the Lord for his countless blessings.

I am most thankful for a healthy family, a roof over my head and an abundance of caring folks in my life. It is through Scouting that I have met so many dedicated caring people. I am constantly impressed by the time and effort these devoted Scouters commit to the Scouting movement. I want all to know how valuable you are our youth. It is easy to believe we aren’t making a difference. I can assure you this is not the case. Attend an Eagle Scout ceremony and listen to the Eagle reflect on his memories of his 2nd grade teacher, or his Junior High coach or most often his Cubmaster or Scoutmaster. The influences we Scouters have on our youth should not be under estimated. Each of us are making a difference in the life of a Scout.

As I attempt to count all the volunteers who impact Camp Sinoquipe, I quickly realize it is impossible. Many of you “build” camp with blood, sweat and tears as we continue to improve the facilities. Others provide crucial financial support. We must also thank the troops who choose to attend Sinoquipe.

I also thank the Order of the Arrow for their assistance in the Altenderfer Lodge renovation, the Camp Stewards and the wonderful folks who volunteered to help with the Bluegrass Jamboree. As you can see countless individuals continue to better our beautiful camp!

I am so appreciative of the 2016 summer camp staff. As a cohesive unit the staff was commended by all who attended summer camp.

I am proud to be associated with each and every one of you in the Scouting movement.

Remember to give thanks and God Bless you!

Ranger Jack

Camp Sinoquipe Employment Opportunities

Would you like an opportunity to impact the lives of approximately 1,200 Scouts?

This opportunity is an awesome and rewarding experience. Please consider joining the 2017 summer camp staff. You will be joining a great group of Scouts and Scouters who are dedicated to providing an outstanding program.

The summer camp schedule begins with staff week June 11th 2017 and ends on August 6, 2017. We are looking for a motivated individuals to fill many positions. If you are 14 years of age by June 11, 2017 you may apply at a CIT “Counselor in Training”. This position is unpaid and the CIT rotates through the program areas to maximize exposure to merit badge courses. If you are 15 years of age or older by June 11, 2017 you may apply for a paid staff position.

We are looking for several adult staff positions, Trading Post staff, Dining Hall cooks, assistant Ranger staff and a Mountain Man assistant director. Interested adults should call Jack Rhodes at 717-987-3464 or Email to inquire about these positions.

There will be two staff interview sessions, March 4, 2017 and April 1, 2017 at the Council Service Center, 18600 Crestwood Drive, Hagerstown MD 21742. There will be an online sign up link found on the council website, mdcscouting.org one month prior to the March 4, 2017 interviews. Please use this link to schedule your interview date and time.

Interested youth can submit an application found on sinoquipe.org. Completed applications can be emailed to ranger_rhodes@yahoo.com or returned to the Mason-Dixon Council office, 18600 Crestwood Drive, Hagerstown MD. 21742

For more information please contact the 2017 Camp Director, Jack Rhodes at 717-987-3464.

Camp Cards

Camp Cards, Camp Cards Camp Cards!!!! Who will sell Camp Cards???

Last years sale was amazing with getting the cards out to the Scouts and it was the best year to date in camp card sales, but we still had cards returned at the end of the sale. With your help we can make this year’s sale even bigger.

So far, this year’s card is presenting itself to be just as vibrant as last year’s Card with businesses from all over the council. We are going to order the same amount of cards as last year but we want you to work with your budgets and Scouts to figure out what you need to sell to help your scouts pay for camp and raise the budget balancing funds to finish out the year.

Please keep the camp Card sale in perspective. We know that the popcorn sale was a huge success again this year but there are many scouts that still need the extra help to pay for camp or Scouting in general. Keep in mind, Camp Cards are a simple transaction. No deliveries, No take orders, one low price and easy to carry. All you have to do is “Ask”.
Figure out what you need to sell to pay for camp or Scouting order that many cards then commit to selling them! Do a Show and Sell, take them to work or go door to door. People love to help and everyone love the price! $5. Remember your customers can recouped the cost of the card in one or two uses.

If you know of a business that would like to be on the Camp Card please let me know ASAP as space is limited and we need to get the cards to the printer.

Sales tracking sheets, sales materials and signups will be here soon so start now and make plans to sell CAMP CARDS! A Scout is thrifty and pays his way!

Camp Sinoquipe Stewards

1) We had a great turnout on our 12 Nov workday. Thank you to all who came out and worked hard on Wells Valley and Wherrett Lodge, and to Jack for a delicious lunch!

2) The next meeting is 28 Jan 2017 at the Mason-Dixon Council Office, which includes a chicken dinner.
- Time: 6 PM-8 PM
- Food: Pot Luck, chicken provided/please bring a
covered dish to share
- Cost- $5
- Also, please plan to pay your $100 annual dues at
this meeting.

3) If you are interested in a good looking and high quality Camp Sinoquipe Steward polo style shirt, please contact the council office to purchase one. The cost starts at $31 for the shirt, depending on the size. Matching hats are also available for $14.

Looking for more STEWARDS! Will you help with Camp Sinoquipe improvements to keep it the premier scouting destination it has become? Join the Camp Sinoquipe Stewards and become part of team dedicated to just that purpose!

Want more information? Contact Jim Doyle, Chairman, at Email or Ed Marfut, Secretary, at Email.

Upcoming Events

9:00 am NRA Shotgun Instructor Class @ Boonesboro Scout house
NRA Shotgun Instructor Class @ Boonesboro Scout house
Jan 6 @ 9:00 am – Jan 7 @ 6:00 pm
NRA Shotgun Instructor Class @ Boonesboro Scout house
For more information or to join the NRA contact me at (301) 660-1732 or steve@shaffercpa.net. Aim High, Shoot Often. Steve Shaffer
8:00 am Mountain Man Winter Camp @ Sinoquipe Scout Reservation
Mountain Man Winter Camp @ Sinoquipe Scout Reservation
Jan 13 @ 8:00 am – Jan 15 @ 11:00 am
Mountain Man Winter Camp @ Sinoquipe Scout Reservation
Mountain men needed to survive in all elements, including the harsh winter terrain.  Test your survival skills on a three-day winter camp at Sinoquipe Scout Reservation, learning some of the trades you’d need to survive the winter. ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Black Powder Shooting Blacksmithing Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking Tomahawk Throwing Participants sleep in cold[...]
9:00 am NRA Rifle Instructors Course @ Boonesboro Scout House
NRA Rifle Instructors Course @ Boonesboro Scout House
Feb 10 @ 9:00 am – Feb 11 @ 4:00 pm
NRA Rifle Instructors Course @ Boonesboro Scout House
For more information or to join the NRA contact me at (301) 660-1732 or steve@shaffercpa.net. Aim High, Shoot Often. Steve Shaffer

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