March 2017 Chatter: Council News

Mason-Dixon Council News

Camp Cards 2017

The Mason-Dixon Council, BSA welcomes you on board for the 2017 Camp Card Fundraiser. The Camp Card is a fundraiser specifically geared to help scouts pay their way to camping opportunities in the Mason-Dixon Council as well as any of the BSA’s High Adventure Bases.

If you are participating in the Camp Card Fundraiser, the following breakdown is what you need to know.
o Camp Cards will be distributed to units in packs of 10 cards.
o You are STRONGLY encouraged to have a budgeted goal and sell the cards to meet that goal. Returning cards do not help Scouting.
o Camp Cards are released to units on a consignment basis for the duration of the fundraiser from March 15, 2017 - May 5 2017.
o At the conclusion of the fundraiser on May 5, 2017 units will be responsible for returning all unsold cards (it is expected that you sell all you request) to the

Mason-Dixon Council or payment of $2.50 (50% Commission) per card sold by the unit. If a unit returns unsold Camp Cards to the Mason-Dixon Council after May 5, 2017 the unit will only keep a 40% Commission or $2.00 per card sold.

Unit Camp Card Commitment Form

Camp Card Flyer

Camp Card Deal Map

Unit Sales Tracking Sheet

Newest Eagle Scouts

Jesse H. - Troop 51 Jakob B. - Troop 62 Gavin M. - Troop 97 Joseph D. - Troop 31 Jack E. - Troop 31 Ethan H. - Troop 31 Nicholas U. - Troop 108 Kevin W. - Troop 108

Venturing Update

We are looking for a Venturing Activity Chair. If interested please contact Nate Bacon.

Venturing Training:

Adult...Venture Leader Specific Training (VLST)
- April 25th 6:00-10:00 at Council Office

Crew Members...Intro to Leadership Skills for Crews & Officer Roles
- April 7 starts at 6:00 thru April 8 approx noon, at Council Office

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee need volunteers, and is also looking for two units to help develop two educational trails at Sinoquipe Scout Reservation.

Info & questions: Nate Bacon - Conservation Comm Chair, 717-762-0964 or Email.

Merit Badge Fair 2017: Trail to Eagle

Trail to Eagle Merit Badge Fair is fully sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is being offered to ALL Boy Scouts of America units within the Shenandoah Area Council and those in and around Martinsburg, WV. With the assistant of volunteers, this Merit Badge fair is being offered to ALL Boy Scouts absolutely FREE! Our Merit Badge fair includes classes for Scouts as well as adult leader training classes and those advanced scouts working towards their Eagle. Unit leader packets will be given to each leader at the end of the Fair with blue cards, completed and partials along with certificates of attendance for each scout. This Fair is designed to get the Scouts fired-up about Scouting and moving forward to advancing in their Scouting careers, moving them along on their ‘Trail to Eagle’. More information at :

Upcoming Events

7:00 pm OA LODGE MEETING @ Scout Service Center
OA LODGE MEETING @ Scout Service Center
Nov 29 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
OA LODGE MEETING @ Scout Service Center

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