Fall Camporee

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October 20, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – October 22, 2017 @ 10:00 am
Kauffman Ruritan Community Center
7289 Ruritan Dr
PA 17202
Daniel McGlothin

Hosted by Kauffman Ruritan and Troop 413

Focused on Amateur Radio (ham radio) and JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) Everyone will have opportunity to talk around the region and around the world with ham radio stations; perhaps talk to one of the million plus scouts participating in this year’s Jamboree On The Air.

Scouts can complete one of two merit badges:

Radio merit badge (unlimited registration)

Signs, Signals and Codes  merit badge (limited registration)

Mature Webelos (limited registration) can participate with a STEM activity and by using ham radio

All (youth and adult) can participate in a preparation class for the FCC Amateur Radio Service Technician License test (limited registration) All prepared youth and adults can take  the FCC Technician License test on Sunday morning.

Any scouts that are already hams can bring their radio gear, and can sit for a license upgrade test during the SUN testing session.

The Leader’s Guide is now available, and registration is now open by clicking on “tickets.”


  1. Love to join you for this camporee. Please email me some info as the time gets closer.

    Tom Wheatley, SM
    T279, Point of Rocks, MD

  2. What time should the Webelos arrive on Sat? and What should parents pick them up and also will they be fed and how much will they need to pay.

  3. About Webelos:

    Thanks for the questions. You are correct in that this information is not clearly stated.

    The intention was that the Webelos sign up using the same forms, and pay the same fee, as scouts from other units. So, $15/$20 per cub scout or adult. If there is only a few Webelos, you can put then on the same sheet as the troop; if there are several, consider using a separate sheet for them.

    In addition to the Webelos STEM-related activity, Webelos will also have opportunity to use ham radio to talk with other people around the county, the county, and the world, thus making them eligible for the JOTA patch.

    It is my understanding that the council/BSA requirement is at least one adult from the pack accompanying the Webelo(s). Using your judgement of the maturity of the Webelos, you may wish to have more than one adult. Do be aware that the Webelos adults are expected to assist with the Webelos track.

    D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN
    Scoutmaster Troop 413
    2017 Fall Camporee/JOTA Leader

  4. About the Webelos schedule, please review page 12 of the camporee guide.

    The Webelos Track (track 4) shows activity starting at 8:15am and ending at 4:45pm. Opportunity during this time will be made for Webelos to participate in JOTA by using ham radio.

    The Ham-In-A-Day class (track 3), allowed for a mature Webelos, has the same start & end times. Note that this class schedule does NOT have an accommodation to participate in JOTA by using ham radio. Should a Webelos take the track 3, we can work some time in at the Webelos radio station after the class. Should a Webelos take track 3, strongly consider bring that scout back on Sunday morning for the 9:30am ham Technician license class–the goal for which the track 3 is preparing the youth. Many people complete the license test in an hour.

    I recommend that the Webelos arrive early enough to participate in the morning colors activity at 7:50am.

    Note that these are the activity time start times, registration/check-in of the Webelos occurs before the start time.

    D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN
    Scoutmaster Troop 413
    2017 Fall Camporee/JOTA Leader

  5. “Will Webelos be fed?”

    Webelos should bring their lunch and snacks. Water will be available to refill their water bottles.

    D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN
    Scoutmaster Troop 413
    2017 Fall Camporee/JOTA Leader

  6. Webelos Information:
    Webelos will be separate from Boy Scouts during the day EXCEPT Webelos will have lunch with their troop.
    Webelos will be in a different (Pavilion/ Tent/Area) from ALL Boy Scout activities, EXCEPT lunch.
    Webelos will be able to participate in the JOTA activities during their day activities.
    We will be working on the (Sportsman Badge) and (SuperNova STEM) requirements. A list of completed activities will be send home with each scout.
    I also suggest Webelos arrive early enough to participate in the morning colors (7:50 am).
    Pick-up time for Webelos is anytime after 4:30 pm Saturday.
    If you have any other question, please let me know.
    Thank you, Karen Dickie 2017 Fall Camporee Webelos Leader

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