Religious Relationships Program

Mason-Dixon Council Religious Relationships Committee Contacts

Fred Shetter, Committee Chairman

Rev. Scott Johnston, Sinoquipe Chaplain

The twelfth point of the Scout Law recognizes that "A Scout is Reverent." The Mason-Dixon Council, B.S.A.'s Religious Relationships Committee is here to assist Scouts, units, districts and the overall council in exploring ways to grow stronger in their faith. The committee offers a variety of information to help assist Scouts in their journey.

Please keep in mind when planning events, grace or prayers during meetings take into considerations religious holidays for all members of your unit.

Duty To God
This pamphlet put out by National explains the Duty To God program, and offers a chart of the available religious emblems as part of the Religious Emblems Program, information about which emblems can be earned in each level in scouting, and frequently asked questions about the program. (2014 Printing)

Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC)
A new position at the Council, District, and Unit Level, the coordinator encourages all youth to earn the emblem of their faith, promotes religious emblems usage like the BSA promotes other youth advancement, and establishes goals and tracks the number of religious emblems completed each year. Want more information? Watch this Religious Emblems Coordinator information video.

Camp Sinoquipe Duty To God Program
The Mason-Dixon Council offers a specialized Duty To God program for Scouts and Scouters at the Sinoquipe Scout Reservation as Scouts and Scouters will encounter God's handiwork on many occasions while at Camp Sinoquipe. The program is designed to allow Scouts and Scouters to reflect on that, and earn the Duty To God Program Patch. Scouts and Scouters are encouraged to look over the requirements prior to coming to camp.

Manual for Chaplains and Chaplain Aides - COMING SOON!
To serve as a chaplain or chaplain aide is a unique opportunity for ministry. The manual is designed to assist those interested in, or new to, the positions with their duties.

More information and additional sources:

P.R.A.Y. (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth).
Offers more information about requirements, manuals, and medals.

Contact your appropriate religious organization, if applicable:
- Baptist -
- Buddist -
- Catholic Roman and Eastern Rite -
- Eastern Orthodox -
- Hindu -
- Jewish -
- Lutheran -
- Presbyterian -
- Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) -
- United Methodist -