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Every youth needs a foundation to stand on. Scouting helps prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The Scouting program builds a foundation of service, community engagement, and leadership development, ensuring the youth of our community are lifelong, active members of society.

Over 2,100 youth, both male and female, meet weekly in our community to learn life skills, plan adventures, and have fun. From the first taste of adventure of a kindergarten boy in Lion Scouts, to the lasting accomplishment a teenage girl feels as she helps guide her raft through the rapids during a Venturing excursion, Scouting enables each to grow through the five programs the council offers: Lion Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, and Exploring.

Scouting is not just about the badges that Scouts earn to show their achievements as they follow the pathway to Eagle – Boy Scout’s highest rank –, but it’s also a way to explore different hobbies and career fields they would otherwise not be exposed to. The council’s youth are assisted by adult leadership, as they soar towards their greatest potential as tomorrow’s leaders.

The Mason-Dixon Council, Boy Scouts of America, has been helping to create these leaders since 1927. Originally serving only Washington County, Maryland, the Washington Area Council grew to include southern Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania. It was eventually renamed the Mason-Dixon Council on January 17, 1956, and today offers the Scouting program to over 2,100 youth and their families with the assistance of nearly 900 registered adult members and 60 chartered organizations. The council owns and operates the nationally accredited Sinoquipe Scout Reservation in Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania, where in 2016, over 1,600 Scouts created experiences that will last a lifetime.

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Cookbook For Camperships

Among the memorable moments in a Scout's career is their ability to attend camp. Unfortunately, not all Scouts are financially able to do so. The Mason-Dixon Council has a Campership Fund that helps those that need some financial aid to attend camps along with other activities and trainings.

In 2016, the council released a cookbook featuring a variety of recipes for the kitchen to the campfire. Copies of the cookbook can be purchased at the Scout Shop during regular business hours. Additionally, monetary donations are also welcome at any time to the Campership Fund.