Camp Cards 2019

The Mason-Dixon Council, BSA welcomes you on board for the 2019 Camp Card Fundraiser.  The Camp Card is a fundraiser specifically geared to help scouts pay their way to camping opportunities in the Mason-Dixon Council as well as any of the BSA’s High Adventure Bases.

If you are participating in the Camp Card Fundraiser, the following breakdown is what you need to know.

  • Camp Cards will be distributed to units in packs of 10 cards.
  • You are STRONGLY encouraged to have a budgeted goal and sell the cards to meet that goal. Returning cards do not help Scouting.
  • Camp Cards are released to units on a consignment basis for the duration of the fundraiser from April 1, 2019 – June 28, 2019.
  • At the conclusion of the fundraiser on June 28, 2019 units will be responsible for returning all unsold cards (it is expected that you sell all you request) to the Mason-Dixon Council or payment of $2.50 (50% Commission) per card sold by the unit. If a unit returns unsold Camp Cards to the Mason-Dixon Council after June 28, 2019 the unit will only keep a 40% Commission or $2.00 per card sold.

Unit Sales Tracking Form

Use this to track your Scouts, their sales and profits

Unit Sales Tracking form (Auto Calculating)

Camp Card Flyer 2019